The prices listed below are representative based on two popular sizes. We will provide you with a firm quote based on your specifications.

Level 1 includes everything you need.
Level 2 includes everything except the tent poles.

Item Description           Cost - L1          Cost - L2
Small (5'x8') Tan          $1,300              $1,200
Small (5'x8') Camo       $1,400              $1,300
Large (6.5'x10')Tan      $2,200              $2,000
Large (6.5'x10') Camo  $2,400              $2,200
Small Window                 $100
Large Window                 $200
Screen door                     $100
Side awning                     $200
Optional Color              $100 - $200

You set your price based on what you need



There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and rain. - Isaiah 4:6

Since each tent is custom designed and manufactured, the pricing will vary based on what you want. We listen to your needs, take your specifications then prepare a design document that sets out everything you want. Then we price out the tent and get your confirmation.

Tent prices run from $875 for a 4x8 tent with no options to $3000 for an 8x20 tent with multiple options. The average tent costs $1600-$1800. When we send you your design document, we will include pricing for shipping.  We do have a few ways to save you money on both the tent and shipping if you can use basic hand tools.

We require a deposit of 50% of the full price since we build them to order. We take major credit cards and checks (subject to clearing).  Once we receive the deposit, it will take one month to ship your tent. The remainder is due prior to shipping; shipping is separate.